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 Jds' Mod Application

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Jds' Mod Application Empty
PostSubject: Jds' Mod Application   Jds' Mod Application I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 29, 2009 1:14 am

Ingame Name: Jds

Reason you think you'll be a good Mod: Well I have experience as being a Mod and know how to deal with most situations on a private server. I know that, if I'm pking, I should attend to someones problem straight after I finish a fight (if im in one) or as soon as they ask. Helping people out is PRIORITY. I also know that it is forbidden to give out unnecessary mutes to people who don't deserve them and that I should give people up to 3 warnings depending on the rule broken.

How Long have you played: I've played on a few accounts and I'm real good mates with Nate (Pvp Reloaded). I played consistentley for over 2 weeks but it was reset and I was pretty mad about that so I haven't played much since. A few hours ago I decided to start fresh with a new account, new name and new styles of pking (some of which may involve pvp armour LOL) but to my surprise the server was offline Sad.

What was the LAST thing you've done for a player To help them out? I told them how to get the starter, how to buy things, how to set levels and how to get to pvp areas. The basic stuff but I suppose if you don't know it it'd be very hard to play this game Wink.

Thanks, hope you didn't get too bored reading that Razz.

ALSO I think it'd be great to have a Mod from the UK to help out at my time since you'll probs be sleeping at that time Wink
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Jds' Mod Application
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