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 A Few Suggestions

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PostSubject: A Few Suggestions   Tue Sep 29, 2009 1:01 am

I have a few suggestions Smile.
1) Get this server near-enough 24/7 with server restarts every hour. (maybe get a vps)
2) Make PvP armour either real expensive (200m per piece with its full stats, not lowered) OR make it unspawnable and only obtainable from pvp drops or drop parties.
3) Add a runelocus page? Without runelocus the user count will be fairly low ;P.
4) Lower dragon claws' normal hits (keep spec the same) since it cant hit 30+ with a 1itemer.

Thanks, also I tb I could I have your msn? Pm me it if so Wink

Very Happy
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A Few Suggestions
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