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 Fast way to get a decent amount of cash&levels

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Fast way to get a decent amount of cash&levels Empty
PostSubject: Fast way to get a decent amount of cash&levels   Fast way to get a decent amount of cash&levels I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 26, 2009 9:11 am

The fastest way to get cash and xp at the same time in range, mage and cmb skills are green dragons.

Armour preferable rune+
Anti Dragonfire-Shield
Weapon -
Melee: Dragon Scim+
Ranged: Rune C'bow, Mage Short+ (note there are ranging positions where dragons cannot attack you.
Magic: Any Staff for the spell you want to cast.
I recommend taking a glory(4) if your going to the Edgeville dragons because its easy just to tele back from them.

There are two main Green Dragon respawn places.
The first just north-easterly of Edgeville only 3 dragons respawn there.. (PM me to ask where the ranging spot is)

The second is just West of Clan Wars, there are about 14-15 Green Dragons here but this is the most popular and hard to get a kill if your in a packed world, but lots more ranging spots. (PM me if you cant find them)

Pretty much kill them get the dragon hide and dragon bones, if you make the most of it while the economy is fucked and dbones are 3kea sold at G.Exchange then you will make a fair amount of cash, took me 2 days to gather about 7M

Very easy cash also during this 2 day period i got my zerker from lvl 79 str to 88 str.


Very Happy to Answer any questions on Runescape just PM me on Slicing-Rain. Im Happy to go through it with you Smile

Cheers, Ags Pro

Comment Very Happy

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Fast way to get a decent amount of cash&levels
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